Friday, June 19, 2015

Good things come of people behaving badly

Somebody must have noticed the situation at work with the level-2 electric vehicle chargers.  Lately, the EV mailing list has been fired off with regular announcements of people leaving their car in the charging spaces after they have finished charging while others practically beg for a couple of hours of connection time.  (It doesn’t help that nearly all the convenient parking is now in use too, leaving disconnecting folks limited parking options.)  People are struggling to learn the new etiquette surrounding public infrastructure sharing.  We all struggle to find an opportunity to charge, but we seldom think about our impact when we fail to disconnect and vacate the charging space in a timely manner.  Sharing is a trait acquired in one’s youth when growing up with siblings, although this can also lead to hoarding.  Fortunately, the company decided to take the next step toward being a good advocate of electric vehicle adoption.

About two weeks ago, I noticed that a number of parking spaces near the employee entrance to the building had been roped off, and digging/trenching was underway.  I followed the route (visually) of the trenching and saw that it connected to the building and up to the roof (where the solar panels are).  I asked one of the construction crew members what the project was and they said they were working on installing four new charging stations with two plugs each, producing eight new charging spaces.  Added to the existing fourteen plugs and that amounts to more than 50% more charging points for us electric vehicle drivers.  Now, as I walk past the site each evening as I leave, I admire the new stations as they await final connection in the coming days.  Soon, we won’t have to depend quite so much on everybody’s etiquette and consideration.  I can hardly wait.

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